About Us

It all began with a dream. Growing up, our founder watched her father run a successful mattress business, helping people get a good night's sleep for years. She was always fascinated by the way a mattress could transform a person's sleep and improve their quality of life...

But as she grew older, She saw an opportunity to bring new innovation and modern design to the industry, while still honoring the traditional values of quality and comfort that her father had instilled in her. With this vision in mind, she set out to create her own mattress business. It wasn't easy - there were many long nights and countless setbacks along the way. But she was driven by a passion for helping people and a desire to make a difference in the world.

Today, our mattress business is a testament to her perseverance and dedication. We offer the latest in sleep technology and design, while still maintaining a commitment to quality and comfort. We believe that everyone deserves a good night's sleep, and we're here to help make that happen.Our founder's story is a reminder that dreams can come true if you work hard enough and believe in yourself. We're proud to carry on her legacy, and we're excited to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Our Mission

At our mattress haven, we're not just about giving you the coziest sleep ever – we're on a mission to supercharge your waking hours too! We believe a fantastic night's sleep sets the stage for an epic day ahead.We are firm believers that a well-rested body and mind pave the way for a vibrant and fulfilling life....

In our pursuit of excellence, we go beyond merely selling mattresses. We strive to curate an experience that transcends the bedroom, aiming to optimize every facet of your daily life. Our commitment is rooted in the belief that a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of overall well-being. As you embark on each day rejuvenated, we want to be the catalyst for your success, productivity, and joy.

Discover not just a mattress but a partner in your journey towards a more invigorated and purposeful existence. Join us as we redefine the mattress shopping experience, making it a pivotal step in your quest for a life well-lived.

Mattresses & Pillows

We understand that many memory foam mattresses can trap heat, leading to discomfort during sleep. In crafting our mattress, we prioritized your comfort by incorporating innovative features.

Our open-cell memory foam, guarantees a restful slumber in a refreshing and cozy environment.

Siesta Mattress - Next Level Comfort

Mattress Dimensions


Product Dimensions
39″ x 75″ x 11″
Product Weight
33 lbs


Product Dimensions
54″ x 75″ x 11″
Product Weight
44 lbs


Product Dimensions
60″ x 80″ x 11″
Product Weight
50 lbs


Product Dimensions
76″ x 80″ x 11″
Product Weight
64 lbs